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Skin Care Products PortlandThe skinbetter science® team of aesthetic experts developed Restylane® and Dysport®. We have a profound understanding of skin aging and what it takes to help defy the effects of time. A comprehensive approach to age management requires more than aesthetic procedures - it is a commitment to blending procedures, skincare and a healthy lifestyle.

Skincare Products PortlandZO® Skin Health is our most recent skincare line and is based on the newest advances in skin therapy. Dr. Zein Obagi, the physician who developed the original Obagi skincare line, created the ZO advanced skincare products to treat a number of skin disorders and conditions. In combination, these unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and exclusive formulations, help fight against aging, pigmentation, acne and rosacea. ZO provides many solutions to help bridge the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care, and is dedicated to finding a solution for healthy, youthful-looking skin for life.

Skin Care Products PortlandEpionce® is a comprehensive and innovative skin wellness line designed to optimize the appearance and health of the skin by working at the core of the skin’s own protective and reparative systems. Epionce delivers the beauty of healthy skin. Epionce is formulated to help unleash the natural healing potential of your skin by counteracting destructive inflammatory factors while restoring your protective skin barrier. This allows your skin to defy the visual effects of aging and problem skin. Paraben, fragrance, gluten and cruelty free, Epionce is formulated with a blend of active botanicals that work together. Epionce formulas combine a highly effective delivery system with potent botanical antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients in proven therapeutic concentrations. Discover what Epionce can do for your skin.

Skin Care Products PortlandNEOCUTIS® is dedicated to being the most admired, trusted and innovative physician-dispensed skincare brand. NEOCUTIS strives to fulfill this mission by developing exclusive technology platforms based on cutting-edge scientific research. Incorporating targeted technologies into luxurious product formulas enables NEOCUTIS to deliver innovative skincare solutions that address key skincare concerns, including the signs of aging, discoloration, oxidative stress, skin redness, and dryness.

Skin Care Products PortlandAt INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®, we are dedicated to developing clinically-validated skincare products that improve the physical and emotional well-being of people globally. We employ the highest ethical and business standards as we advance the science of skin health, one face at a time. OUR LINE of superior-quality cleansers, treatments, moisturizers, and sun protectants are powered by the most innovative ingredients on the market, and have been a mainstay of clinically substantiated skin care for more than a decade. The addition of reparative and preventative products represents a new generation of skincare that is easily integrated into any regime, resulting in skin that is healthier, more hydrated and uniquely shielded with advanced DNA protection.

Skin Care Products PortlandFor over 25 years, Revision Skincare® has provided physicians with clinically proven, high-performing skincare products. Using only the purest, most efficacious ingredients, the Revision Skincare collection was formulated to provide targeted solutions for enhancing the skin’s appearance and reducing signs of aging. Revision Skincare products represent the furthest advancements in scientific skincare. Our formulations are rooted in rigorous research and testing, and manufactured by us using the highest ethical standards. Revision Skincare products are never tested on animals. While Revision Skincare is first and foremost about serious skincare, we are inspired every day by the positive effects our products have on people's lives.

Skin Care Products PortlandLatisse® is an FDA-approved topical treatment used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Latisse is typically applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once per day. Most users begin to see results within four to eight weeks, with the most dramatic results appearing between weeks 12 and 16. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original state. In some cases, Latisse may cause permanent changes to eye color.

Skin Care Products PortlandAt SkinMedica®, we believe everyone deserves to have naturally radiant skin. That's why we've dedicated years of research to formulating advanced skincare products that rejuvenate skin. Visit us at

Skin Care Products PortlandObagi Medical Products, Inc., is a global specialty pharmaceutical company founded by leading skincare experts in 1988, and is now owned by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. Obagi products are designed to help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation*, acne, and sun damage and are primarily available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas, and other skincare professionals.

Skin Care Products PortlandGlytone® started with two pharmacists making topical dermatological skincare products in collaboration with a dermatologist. The brand was built upon the innovation of Free Glycolic Acid and its benefits to the skin. The True benefits of Glycolic Acid were proven and demand skyrocketed. Gensis Pharmaceuticals discovered that the market was composed of Neutralized Glycolic Acid products and decided to create Free Glycolic Acid products. Popularity was evident, and, in 1992, it was decided the time had come to build a brand around this unique innovation. The name was decided by combining "GLYcolic Acid" and "improve TONE of the skin".

Skin Care Products PortlandTeamine Concealer® is so much more than a concealer. It’s a serious three-in-one eye complex that works to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles while it lightly conceals.

    Results of a clinical study proved the effectiveness of Teamine Concealer® after once daily use:*
  • 86% of subjects showed an improvement in dark circles
  • 91% of subjects showed an improvement in fine lines
  • 93% of subjects showed an improvement in overall under-eye appearance.
  • *Double-blind, split-face, vehicle-controlled 12-week study. Results may vary.

Skin Care Products PortlandEltaMD® product development expertise is based on our medical heritage. Our company has developed wound healing and skincare products trusted by physicians for more than 25 years. EltaMD applies that experience to create innovative products that help develop, protect, and maintain healthy skin. Available through your dispensing physician, EltaMD sun care and skincare products are formulated for every skin type, lifestyle and special need. Your physician and skincare professional can recommend the EltaMD products that are right for you.

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