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At the Larrabee Center, we are dedicated to improving our community through the investment of our time, skills, and resources. Having helped hundreds of patients throughout their careers in Seattle and overseas, the Larrabee Center physicians are grateful to be able to assist these very special patients.

In 2008, Dr. Larrabee founded Global Surgical Outreach, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing reconstructive surgery in third-world countries for children with facial deformities and injuries from war and other kinds of violence.

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In the media


Dr. Larrabee has been a guest on many regional and national TV programs both for his techniques in facial plastic surgery and pro bono work. He was awarded the Seattle Magazine Community Service Award in July 2014 and has recently appeared twice on New Day. He has been featured in the Seattle Times, New York Times, Vogue, Town and Country and many specialty publications.



Before & After Photos

The Larrabee Center prides itself on natural-looking, long lasting results, which are featured in our Before & After Photo Gallery. From a vast list of procedures — including popular surgeries like the face lift, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery — we share an extensive display of exquisite results from past patients. Every case in our gallery represents a distinct story with different challenges and opportunities for our expert surgeons.

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